Mark Swysen is born in Hasselt (BE), lives and works in Antwerp. He graduated as a master in biological sciences and in art.

His work focuses on human conduct and reflects upon what moves man, how he interacts with his peers and intervenes in the world in which he lives. Mark embraces Arthur Danto's credo of art being an "embodied meaning" and an "awoke dream that can be shared with others". The latter is a major aspect: it adds the indefinable sauce of poetry, fantasy, disequilibrum, unpredictability, surrealism or humour necessary to lift an object to the level of art.

Mark enjoys the freedom of using any material, object, technology or phenomenon as an instrument. The artist snatches everyday objects out of their context and the result of this dis- and reconstruction loads them with new layers of meaning. Because of their subcutaneous impact on the human brain light, sound and motion belong to his preferred mediums

The work is open to various interpretations from different points of view, in multiple layers. Mark Swysen does not put forward dogmas or personal truths: he opens plural tracks of thinking. The visitor benefits from the total liberty of his personal interpretation, coloured by his private horizon of experiences and the context of time and place.